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cosmic dew water cleanser

celestial gel-to-foam, multi-purpose cleanser

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what it does

Gently removes all dirt and impurities leaving behind a balanced, healthy, otherworldly glow.

why it sells out

Not only does this cleanser remove impurities, it’s also super hydrating, helps with inflammation, and makes sensitive skin stronger. More: it also works to improve your skin barrier function. Yay!

3.38 oz. (100 mL)


Key Ingredients

  • Glycerin Hydrates, seals moisture, and improves skin barrier function against irritants.
  • laminaria japonica Most hydrating among 12 species of seaweed, eliminates toxins, plumps and hydrates.
  • fructooligosac- charides A prebiotic from plant sugars, supports the microbiome and reduces skin sensitivity.
  • hyaluronic acid Hydrates skin, regulates inflammation, soothes redness, while increasing moisture.

how to use

as a daily cleansing ritual, gently massage into skin with water, and in a circular motion wash away impurities. For a skin-soothing reset, apply to dry skin as a moisture mask for 2-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Gentle for day and night use.

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